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Our Story

In the summer of 2004, while I was home on rest and relaxation during a combat tour in Iraq, on a whim, my family and I decided to visit Las Vegas. We were pressed for time and had limited knowledge of what a family like ours could do together in Las Vegas to create a memorable experience. Looking back, it would have been nice to have an array of entertainment options pre-planned, organized, and readily available to us so that our vacation was more fun-filled and streamlined.

Time is a precious commodity and making memorable moments involves encapsulating quality and desirable experiences with the important people in your life. In 2013, with this vision in mind, we launched Arcadian Pursuits.

Our purpose is to help our clients build lasting memories through transcendent leisure experiences. To achieve this, we’ve set out on a path to eliminate the time, hassle, and occasional frustration associated with securing access to premium entertainment events. At Arcadian Pursuits, we take pride in shaping the conditions that allow our clients to build lasting memories whether it be for leisure or business. Let us help you create your next experience.


Duane I. Henderson

Founder and President, Arcadian Pursuits

Arcadian Pursuits is a limited liability accommodation service company specializing in creating and offering premium entertainment and transportation packages. We aim to fulfill the destination desires of sports enthusiasts, visitors, business travelers and residents of the Washington D.C./Maryland/Virginia area by offering a convenient streamlined approach to a transcendent experience.

About Arcadian Pursuits


We want to be the leader in premier, full

spectrum entertainment accommodation services


Connect sophisticated travelers’ and sport enthusiasts’

destination desires with a transcendent experience at

live entertainment events



Excellence is our hallmark. We aim to provide a service that exudes the superior quality that we would want to experience during our own personal leisure travels. We believe our clients’ quest to make memorable quality moments is enabled by our commitment to excellent service


Arcadian Pursuits is a trusted partner that can deliver premier services. We aim to match or exceed our clients’ expectations and build upon the consistent deliver that our clients have come to expect.

Selfless Service

Arcadian Pursuits handles the client’s needs with the utmost priority. Our U.S. Military service background forms the basis of our service strength. Our core service seeks to elevate business and leisure engagements to memorable experiences with exquisite personal service and detailed event planning.


Arcadian Pursuits places safety as a top priority for our clients and employees. We want our clients to routinely seek our services not only for the special moments we help create, but also for the security, knowing that they will be safe during all phases of their experience.

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Accommodation service company specializing in creating and providing premium entertainment packages.